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E4 energy absorbing lanyard is designed to reduce the forces on a human body during a fall to less than 900 pounds (4 kilonewtons) and limit the deployment length to a maximum of 42 inches (1067 millimeters). These lanyards have a weight rating between 99 pounds (45 kilograms) and 254 pounds (115 kilograms) for a worker including all tools, clothing and personal protection equipment.

E6 energy absorbing lanyard is designed for the heavier worker, having a weight rating between 200 pounds (91 kilograms) and 386 pounds (175 kilograms). The E6 limits the forces to less than 1350 pounds (6 kilonewtons) and is the only E6 energy absorbing lanyard to have the same 42 inch (1067 millimeter) deployment length as the E4.


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Horizontal Lifelines Products

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Tripods remain the first choice for economical compliance in many basic confined space and fall arrest applications.

Our Pro series tripods provide outstanding value. They feature a patent pending pinless adjustment, all in a light weight package.

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