Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection

The following items need to be checked in order to qualify a fire extinguisher as passed or failed


1. Is secured to equipment or wall (Verify)

2. Cleanliness

3. Pin is easily removed

4. Fire Extinguisher securely fits into the bracket

Fire Extinguisher

1. Fire extinguisher is in a practical location with ease of access , visible , unobstructed

2. Locking pin is intact and the tamper seal is not broken

3. Extinguisher has no signs of physical damage, corrosion, or leakage. (. 6 cm ¼ depth dent in the extinguisher it must remove from service).

4. Nozzle is not clogged (verify)

5. Pressure gauge is in the green

6. Lift the extinguisher and turn upside down 3 times to see if the gauge has moved

7. Operating instructions are legible

8. Verify that the extinguisher has been inspected within the year

9. Extinguisher is monthly punched after inspection


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